The old adage that 'laughter is the best medicine' has never seemed truer than now as a way to lift America from the gloom of its recent tragedy, and Randy Bennett and his Lone Star Comedy troupe are doing their part at "Upstaged, Smart Comedy, Smart Cocktails."

Dallas will get a heaping dose of laughter on October 5 and 6, 2001 as Upstaged presents headliner Mindy Sterling, Bennett's former Groundlings colleague and comedienne from Los Angeles. Sterling will be reprising Frau Farbissina, a role written for her by Mike Myers of "Saturday Night Live" and Austin Powers notoriety.

From her home in L.A. Sterling spoke of her beginnings performing improvisitional and sketch comedy in the mid-1980s with The Groundlings, the legendary Los Angeles comedy troupe which spawned such well-known talents as Lisa Kudrow, Laraine Newman -- one of the original cast of "Saturday Night Live" -- and SNL members Jon Lovitz and Julia Sweeney. Although Sterling is no longer a Groundlings member, she still performs with them almost every Thursday night.

She said she is "happily married to a wonderful, wonderful man who is not in the business" and they have a son almost seven. Sterling was seen most recently in Universal Pictures' 2000 release of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" and has appeared in several "Austin Powers" films, now available on video. She has guest starred on numerous TV shows, including "Ellen," "Cybill," and "Friends." She has had recurring roles on many other television shows, including "The Larry Sanders Show," "Evening Shade" and "Family Matters."

The actress was born in Patterson, New Jersey and grew up in Miami, Florida. She moved to L.A. 26 years ago to launch her career and is now looking forward to her reunion with Bennett and to performing at his club. The latter founded Upstaged in July 2000 to give Dallas a family-friendly, PG-13 club with a "clean, non-smoking environment .... in which to have a good laugh."

When Mindy Sterling joins Lone Star Comedy to re-create Frau Farbissina, she will put on her best German accent. (She gave me a sample on the phone, and she is a hoot.)

The permanent comedy troupe of 28 rotating actors will perform their trademark two-act play and also their long form improvisational comedy, with the audience, as always, an integral part of the act.

So leave your troubles on the doorstep and join Mindy Sterling and Lone Star Comedy on the sunny side of the street at 1802A Greenville Avenue -- and be prepared to laugh a lot. For more information log on to: Los Angeles fans of Mindy Sterling can call: (323) 934-4747. For more information log on to:


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